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Growth is Change

Change is a beautiful thing, it happens all around us in the world: people, places, trees, seasons…

But where does this fit in to your business? Business is a living organism which thrives on effective change.

So what is “effective” change? These are shifts which correlate to growth and relevancy, allowing your business to build a personal connection with your customers.

This connection provides a doorway to understanding who you are as a business owner and the type of customer you feel called to work with. In traditional concepts, we call this connection your brand and “type of customer” your market, sometimes subsets are called niche or segments.

You don’t need to have a vast background in business or communications, but having a basic understanding of your market and your brand can help you to make optimal decisions around changes to your business practices. When we know who we want to work with and who we are, we can start to determine where we want to go, and if we can have our customers join us. Growth is a measure of change.

Young businesses need time to develop their personality almost like a toddler or child. Typically a business needs about a year of startup time before they are ready to really bring the brand forward globally. During that time, they may slightly adapt or drastically change their image. I often advise clients not to invest significantly in branding services/materials until at least 6 months (12 optimally) of a business, especially print materials.

Many people put a lot of focus into what their image is, without the same investment in their product or service. I am a firm believer that having healthy bones will be more sustaining than a closet full of fancy clothes, which make you feel good but are not as long-lasting as the foundation.

Playing with your brand/image is certainly a great pick-me-up during the ruts, when we start to second guess ourselves. You know, those “what the hell was I thinking” kind of moments? I like to think of it as though I were a kid with paints, free to explore my ideas.

Early on, this is a great way to discover your creative side. It becomes more challenging as your client base grows, as they build a bond with the image/brand. Not that established businesses don’t ever change an image, but it takes a more calculated approach so not to alienate customers.

So if you are a start-up, I say play a little, before it becomes harder to explore and figure out who you really are.




Dear Universe – Are you ready for growth?

Dear Universe,

I am open to receiving the next source of financial sustainability and personal growth. Ideally, it will fill my being with unbridled passion and help me to manage my household budget with abundant ease. Additionally, while working with amazing heart-centered souls, I will also have a flow of free time so that I might enjoy the pleasures of my life and gifts of my children’s youth.

This direction and manifestation will bring me to serve in this lifetime my highest purpose.

Bring me to clarity; bring financial and joyous opportunity to me; allow me to be supported by the divinity of all through the work I do in this world.

May my spirit serve to bring your vision into this world by the work I do and the people I meet. May my financial success be in alignment with my service to my community. May my vision be your vision.

Bless me with courage and humility. Bless me with abundance of joy, service, and financial stability. Bless me with all I need to be in this moment of existence right now.

I am ready to be held by, cared for and directed by spirit.

In service,


There it is — a simple (or is it) request to the universe to provide me with all that is necessary to be in service to my life.

I recommend this exercise, it is a simple way to align yourself closer to the path. You can begin to see what is possible, what is reasonable, and what will awaken the passion.

It requires you to be willing to meet the growth with an open heart, as spirit comes full force at times. The trust of surrender can be scary, especially when it comes to business and finances. This part of our identity is not separate from our faith or connection with spirit. At the heart of faith is the belief we will be provided for by spirit (or goddess, life, god, universe, … you pick the word that fees right for you). Even without belief in a “god,” we still need to believe that we can be provided for with work, opportunity or our community.

The greatest business strategy you can invest in, is to trust that you deserve to be provided for, because you are divinely perfect and worthy of this support.


Be a Dreamer

Welcome Wild Dreamers!

Your visions and dreams for our world are needed NOW!

This is not just some ploy to pull you into a marketing scheme. Really. Right now our world needs new, seemingly wild ideas and inspirations. We need people, like you, who have been sitting quietly, observing the nature of our world.

You, who has been dreaming and praying for a collective activation.

So how do we bring your visions to life?

Perhaps you are moving through the old stories of “not enough” or are navigating the struggle of time and space “how do I fit it all in?” What do you need in this moment to find your enough, time and space to cultivate your dreams?cropped-New-Image.jpg

My first recommendation is always to make a date with yourself. A real date, not just a block of time, but something special and with just you.

For some of us, this will be a hike or trip to the spa, for others, this will be a movie or dinner. Or maybe some time on a swing. Even still, for some of us it might be using the bathroom, with the door closed and someone tending to the children.

I cannot define special for you, but the key is for you to have as much time for yourself as you can, without causing stress. Start small if you need to and work from there.

When I started out doing this, my dates were hour long trips to the pharmacy. I would walk about the isles of makeup, lotion, band aids and seasonal items a little confused. However, soon I found myself going for walks or sipping tea while daydreaming. Eventually, I found the inner and community resources to manifest a weekend away. It was delightful.

This time with yourself is critical, the slowing down gives space for you to hold your vision for the world in your mind, long enough to really understand the scope of what spirit/goddess/god/inner passion/ancestors/(you pick the phrase), is asking of you right now.

Being a conduit for collective work requires us to pause and hear the messages, which are often swept aside in the buzz of our lives: work, school, family, friends, community, politics, social justice… and so on.

My second recommendation is to find your cheerleaders. Doing our work in the world means we need people who believe in our vision. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people to get on board. I think of the quote:

If you build it, they will come.

It is true. When we stay connected to ourselves and our dreams, our team will come running to find us. It is like we are beacon of global vibration in the collective consciousness, unique to our own calling.

We cannot count on others to receive the same messages we are given, because they have their own gifts and work in this world. I like to think of a clock, the kind with springs and cogs, which requires many parts in the system to keep time.

So stay true to who you are in vision, collaborate but don’t lose your voice or defer your message, because your vision is a gift to our world.

That is all for now Wild Dreamers, check back soon for more or join my mailing list to have my blog dropped into your inbox!

Until we meet again.




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