About the Wild Dreamer

This is me.

Alisa, the Wild Dreamer, in essence.


I am Alisa: Poet; Photographer; Writer; Priestess; Seer; Mother; Healer; and Wild Dreamer.

At the heart of who I am, is a sense of human connection which is key to how I navigate in this world. I have arrived to this moment after travelling through much adversity and challenge, all of which has provided opportunity for me to go and expand in my human experience.

From a young age I have always been connected to the divine and feel I have made it through my own life because of faith. This faith in something greater than myself, yet within myself, was strengthened when my mother died suddenly just before my 12th birthday. For me, it was important to believe something greater was at play, to help navigate the raw journey of adolescence without a mother. Yet, even before her passing, I was connected to the spirit realm. Over the years, supporting those dying or being born, has strengthened my connection to spirit, along with my mothering journey.

Along with having formal institution based education from both Berkshire Community College (A.A in Business Administration and Hospitality Management) and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Administration/Management and English Communications), I have complimented my educational goals with several spirit driven programs.

I have been incredibly blessed with amazing teachers/mentors along my way. Some of the greatest transformations came from working with:

  • Michelle L’Esperance of Warm Welcome Birth Services. Her program wasn’t just where I became a certified Doula, it was a catalyst for personal growth and community activism.
  • MotherWoman, my completion of the Circle Facilitator training gave me many tools in providing safe and transformative containers for personal development.These 2 trainings opened my continued interest in supporting individuals in transformation and personal growth.
  • I have also completed a 2 year apprenticeship, Priestess Path, with ALisa Starkweather, which allowed me to connect with community in a whole new way while connecting deeply with spirit and the earth
  • Most recently I have started a course for healers, with Sophie Lhoste of Attunements for the Soul, which has allowed me more freedom in becoming myself.

In addition to my trainings and education, I also co-created a local non-profit Gathered Resources of Women: GROW Inc. It was an organization which provided advocacy, education and support for women and families. Our mission provided many circle/community based programs free or low cost within our county. I left GROW in 2012, when my father was navigating his passage from this lifetime and I became pregnant. Since I left, the organization has ended, but the initiative has stayed strong in our community. Primarily through our Monthly Red Tent.

Aside from all of this I am also a writer, photographer and dreamer and invite you to explore my blog if you wish.

My passion for writing was ignited with the first breath of life.

Deep in my bones
it dwells,
with my song
dust and marrow.

In each of us
this vibration
at birth

Access gained
to the activation
of ancient knowing
in the script of breath

It is my work to honor and celebrate the various moments in our human experience through my wild exploration of what it means to be alive.


May you be wild and joyous on your own journey.Alisa

Alisa Muñiz Blanchard

Wild Dreamer: Business Doula

In This Room: a collection of writing




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