FAQ For Birthing the Business Owner

Who are you and why should I work with you?

I’m Alisa, the Wild Dreamer Business Doula. I support aspiring, operating and growing business owners in the development of business systems and virtual assistant work. My passion is my Birthing the Business Owner Webinar Class, which is a spiritual approach to business administration.
Our work is reflective of our spirit and soul contract, and we are a vessel for divine work in the world. I consider myself a bridge builder, linking the realm of the sacred with the support of business management and administration.
I have worked in business administration professionally for over 10 years. My work has fully immersed me in the diverse nuances of operations for a variety of organizations: small, growing, medium and large. I hold an Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Hospitality Management and Business Ethics) and English Communications (with a concentration in Philosophy and Ethics).
Additionally I am passionate about supporting business owners in the birth of their business as a sacred rite of passage. This is why I feel so called to offer Birthing the Business Owner at a “Pay What You Can” rate, because I want everyone who feels called to the course to be able to take it.

How is this different from a free class?

I considered offering this class for free, but realized by doing so does not set a professional expectation that I feel is necessary in business development. By asking for a financial contribution, I am asking you to make an investment not only in my professional offering, but in your own professional development.

What do you mean by Pay What You Can?
How much should I pay?

I ask you to consider what is feasible within your own budget and how serious you are about birthing your business, along with reflecting how you might want others to value your gifts to world. A suggested range of $60-150 is recommended (based on what others paid on the previous cycle).

Is this class for me?

I don’t have a business yet…

Yes, if you are considering starting a business.

I am not ready to start my business…

Yes, in fact if you are building the foundation for your vision, this would be a great way to establish healthy sustainable business practices from the start, while weaving it into your spiritual practice.

I’ve had a business for awhile is there anything for me?

Yes. This would be a good tune up course, especially if you have been struggling to break through some business energy blocks.

What will I get from this class? 

The course looks at ways to manage your business by showing you the fundamentals, so you can make empowered business decisions. I focus on how to maintain a successful, sustainable and ethical business practice as a spiritual practice, weaving energy work, elements of nature, and business management logistics. This is a great starter course for those considering starting a business or have started but find they could use some tools to increase success.

The unique combination of spiritual practice and business administration will also provide some valuable insights for those business owners who are struggling to balance their dreams and a financially sustainable business practices.

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