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Hey, That Was My Idea!

Have you ever had a really great idea? Perhaps you started bringing this idea to life by dreaming or setting goals of intentions. And after developing the concept, you were ready to tell the world. As your baby is starting to walk you get more confident, then one day it happens.

You discover someone else is offering something nearly identical to your idea or offering.

Does this sound familiar?hmm...

What is this all about?

Recently I had something like this happen, in what I believed to be a professional community. I was so excited to share what I was working on and to be an active member in the group, by supporting others.  Out of nowhere, someone who is a part of this community, started to market an offering very similar (almost identical) to my business model.

It was discouraging and disappointing to watch someone take, what I believed to be my work, and co-opt it to their advantage.

This was a rather vulnerable moment for me. I started to second guess myself on everything I was doing and my hopes for my work. Feelings around being unworthy and not enough were abundant, like a thick fog blocking my vision.

Fortunately I was able to I step out of my mindset for a moment, and began to process the feelings coming up, with one of my favorite tools, the Work of Byron Katie. After I moved through the raw emotion, I could start to see something even greater manifesting.

It didn’t really sink in however, until after I had a night of sleep to dream on it.

In the morning, I was eased with the reminder that I am made to do this work, it is that simple. So what is at the root here?

Was this really my idea? Did this person take my energetic footprint to leverage their success? Maybe. I can’t know for sure. If they did, it is really a sign my visions are right on target, isn’t the saying “copying is the greatest form of flattery?”

But what if this is validation of the importance of my work? Could it also a sign of humanity hitting the critical mass necessary for real change?

Either way, the gift for all of us is more conscious business owners are manifesting themselves.

My advice to you Wild Dreamer is to remember your gifts are unique to you.

No one can bring your visions to life the way you would. Do you due diligence in protecting the ownership of your work, but don’t worry if others start modeling you, you are an energy center of attraction.

In part you have offered yourself as a sacred vessel of activation for others, by your willingness to fulfill your purpose.

So carry on, and know you are headed the right way.

What is Purpose?

When I decide to live my purpose, I can

I just taught the first class of my second cycle of Birthing the Business Owner: a Spiritual Approach to Business Administration and am feeling so incredibly blessed by this work. It is an honor to witness the birth of such powerful healers, creators and dreamers!

I realized at the end of the class, how much teaching allows me to grow into myself. I am asked to reflected on my own personal work and have been able to discover wisdom in the students, who as teachers themselves.

This is a victory, a release of long held systems of beliefs which no longer serve me. And releasing these stories has been transformative for my soul. I am finally about to embrace the truth of my own sacred work, and by supporting theses students, I have opportunities to learn and grow.

One thing I tell people all the time is that they are meant to have these visions, and aspirations. It is foundational for your purpose in life. And when you start to release other’s expectations of what success should look like, you can start to embrace what your own success can be like.

Here is where the magic is born. When you live your own success story, you can start to be the person you always thought would would be, and you can stop being the person you were trying to be.

This is your purpose. To integrate the beat of your blood and heart and the mirror to your soul, into the daily practice of your live. And living your purpose, is the gateway to activation and truth.

What’s your worth

I work a lot with clients who don’t understand how much they are really worth. There are many reasons for this but primarily I think it has to do with 3 main reasons:

  1. We hold stories about being “not good enough” which are basically erroneous.
  2. No one showed us how to figure it out.
  3. We forget what we would be willing to pay for something we wanted or needed.

The first recommendation I make to my clients often includes “shopping” for something they want and assessing if getting a good deal or getting a solid reliable service or product is more important to them. The reality is a good product/service is worth every cent.

Next I ask them to think of what they would be willing to actually pay for it. Really. Not your offer, rather someone else’s service or product. Why would you pay this? What do they offer you don’t? What is the same?

These are good steps in helping you to determine your “worth” – at least in the market!

The final quick recommendation I suggest, is finding a venue for working through the emotional barriers to success. This is a foundational need to any successful business, so prioritize it. It could be talk therapy, energy work, self-care, support groups, business coach, … Find something that calls you to be your highest self and go from there!

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